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"I've been getting chiropractic adjustments by Leonard Snyder for 20 years. When my son was born he had colic and acid reflux. I took him to his pediatrician and the only advise they gave me is that he should grow out of it. So I decided to try a chiropractic adjustment. Right away he was doing so much better. He actually slept through the night, had less stomach upset, and more frequent bowl movements."


Frenchtown, NJ

"At the age of 42 I paid my very first visit to a chiropractor, I had no idea what to expect and quite frankly I was very apprehensive. I had heard through the years the pros and certainly the cons of this type of 'medicine'. Fortunately, I could not have chosen a better doctor, Dr. Len Snyder! Immediately he and his staff (Robin and Della) put me at ease, from the cozy waiting area to the calming conversation that I had about my concerns. Dr. Len listened to what I had to say and why I was there. Without hesitation, he gently guided me down the hall to the area where he immediately took X-rays of my back, neck and chest where he could see first hand what my issues where. There was no waiting for a second appointment. The films were quickly developed, a diagnosis was made (and thoroughly explained to me), a program was laid out and my first treatment was given. Relief from my pain was in sight! I knew at that moment I was meant to have a lifelong relationship with this professional chiropractic office."


New Hope, PA

"My family has been going to New Hope Chiropractic for four generations. You couldn't ask for a more concerned health care provider and you will not find a friendlier staff anywhere else."


Lambertville, NJ

"I delivered mail for many years. Dr. Leonard sees how taxing the job is on your body. Twisting, lifting, getting in and out of the car 20-30 times a day to deliver a package to the door. They all take a toll on a body, it doesn't matter how fit you are. Without Leonard, I probably wouldn't be moving now! My hips, neck and back thank him. Thanks Dr. Leonard!"


Pipersville, PA

"My back pain was so severe, I could not sit down, stand up straight, or walk. Dr. Leonard was able to get me walking again after several visits. He even came in one night when he was closed. He opened his office for me on a Sunday night to help me when I was in such severe pain. He now stresses to me to see him on a regular basis to help me from getting this bad. I do my best with a very busy schedule, but I know Dr. Leonard will be there for me."


Washington, PA

"First of all, I want to begin by stating that chiropractic is great! It is a wonderful feeling not only for your physical well being but mental well being. I have known Leonard Snyder for a long time and when he decided to become a chiropractor I was delighted. I have been adjusted by Leonard since he began his career as a chiropractor in 1981. Leonard is a concerned person as well as a compassionate person who brings that attitude to his practice. Leonard's chiropractic adjustments have made me feel really good! Rejuvenation after his adjustments means a lot. I feel I can tackle anything because of his adjustments. Everything in my body feels like new and my mind is ready for each new day. Leonard takes his time with each patient and adjusts with grace. I plan on maintaining my chiropractic care with Leonard because he cares."


Lambertville, NJ

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